From our inception there has been a distinct focus on our Export Air products and services. All XLI Export Air staff are highly motivated and experienced operators with many years of industry experience to ensure we not only have our fingers on the pulse for new product releases, but also the nous to provide “out of the box” options to ensure your freight flows even during challenging times.

XLI are an IATA accredited agent across all of our Australian sites, with each of these stations being RACA approved. We have the ability to handle and clear your cargo prior to carrier lodgement, ensuring the fastest possible transition to uplift and avoiding any last minute delays with cargo terminal issues that can arise with direct lodgements.

We offer vast experience with OOG Cargo, Dangerous Goods, Bands and Exhibitions, AOG / Aircraft Spares as well as our General Cargo product offerings. Our comprehensively DG trained freight professionals offer a solution based approach to your export air requirements.

We have Australia covered for Airfreight!


XLI offers regular import consolidation services from key global markets with adhoc direct shipments all handled through our Customs 77G approved Bondstores in every Australian location. All depots run their own dedicated airport transfer fleets for the fastest and most efficient turn-around times and cargo availability for you and your customers. ULD’s are also retrieved as bypass units to cut down on Cargo Terminal delays on breakdown.